Why Powder Coating is More Durable Than Paint

One of the main advantages of powder coating vs. liquid paint is the durability of the powder coated finish. The powder coating process (surface preparation and pre-treatment) allow for better adherence to metal when compared to a traditional paint finish.

Here is a few reason why powder coating is a more durable finish than traditional paint:

Powder Coating Maintenance: How to Care for Your Finished Powder Coated Rails, Gates and Furniture

South Florida climate provides the toughest weathering conditions for finished powder coated materials. Intense sun, humidity, salt air, rain, chlorine and a host of other conditions are factors that degrade the finish over time. Other factors that contribute to erosion and corrosion of the coating and underlying metals include physical contact with abrasive materials, stray electrical current (electrolysis) and contact with dissimilar metals. Water and sun exposure are the two factors that are most detrimental to the coated surface. Exposure to water is not too predictable because of fog, humidity and rain in addition to irrigation sprinklers. Outdoor furniture is exposed to chlorine and salt water. Taking care of the powder coated finish requires mild soap and clean fresh water. Using a harsh chemical solvent or commercial cleaning agent will damage the finish. The damage will increase over time and ultimately the coating will fade, chip, discolor or peel off entirely. For high visibility projects, such as architectural building applications, keeping a log book of routine cleaning and maintenance will be useful for documentation of warranty related claims.

Protecting the Finish

What can be done to protect the beauty and longevity of the finish?  Proper cleaning is a good start! What is proper cleaning? Pressure cleaning is an efficient method of cleaning coated surfaces such as street furniture, bus shelters, gates, rails and other outdoor products. Using filtered water under low pressure is advised to avoid damage to the metal and the powder coated finish. If possible, wax the exposed surface with a semi-annual application of a high grade, non-abrasive car wax that contain a UV blocker/or UV inhibitor. Do not use compound waxes with abrasives. Also, be sure to wipe off any residual wax. If left on, it could leave stains. Field care and maintenance include some common sense steps including keeping items dry and cleaning as described regularly. Perform inspections and touch up any areas that may have not been coated adequately to repair and maintain the extended life of the powder coated products.


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Powder Coating Wood – Why New Powders Are Opening Doors

Powder coating on materials other than aluminum or steel are successfully being applied to wood and medium density fiber board (MDF). The end users of this type of powder coating include furniture, door and cabinet manufacturers. The powder seamlessly finishes sharp edges and routed surfaces in a way that cannot be accomplished with high pressure laminates. The powders being used are UV cured at minimal heat applied to prevent gasses from within the materials to escape and form surface defects. “With new thermal powder chemistry, you’re not heating up the core of the wood and getting that pop we were getting back in the late 1990s and early 2000s with the Lamineer type powders or even the UV powders” according to Tony Varda, vice president of IGP Pulvertechnik AG of Switzerland. The current low bake technology is working to cure the materials for 1 minute or less at 250 degrees. For curing to be completed under 5 minutes. The new powders are opening doors to new substrates other than MDF. It is allowing for natural hardwoods as well.

Pretreatment for Powder Coating

A key factor in the successful application of powder coating is the pretreatment process. The industry standards are described by the Powder Coating Institute (PCI) in a technical brief issued May 1989. The proper and thorough cleaning of the metal substrate is the most important step in the process of powder coating. Many powder coating shops try to employ various “short cut” or less expensive cleaning methods however, in our industry “preparation” is critical. Proper and thorough cleaning is considered the MOST important step for powder coating.

At JAS Powder Coating, we will never compromise on the quality of our pretreatment process.

Powder Coating Vs. Paint – 3 Advantages Powder Coating Has Over Liquid Paint


Powder Coating Vs. Paint – Advantages Powder Coating Has Over Liquid Paint


Many people ask us, “Why is powder coating a better option than regular liquid paint?”

Let’s start with a definition of powder coating, because one of the main differences between the two metal finishing techniques is actually in the definition. “Powder coating is a type of coating that is applied as a free-flowing, dry powder. The main difference between a conventional liquid paint and a powder coating is that the powder coating does not require a solvent to keep the binder and filler parts in a liquid suspension form.”

Restoration of childrens bikes, go-karts, ATV's, boat parts.

Restoration of child size go-karts in neon yellow

USCG Cutter Robert Yered

Maintenance on this  vessel included powder coating deck boxes and other assorted items.

Maintenance on this vessel included powder coating deck boxes and other assorted items.

photo 2

GOLDTASTIC!!! That is the color of these Harley Rims…

Marines, gold, rims, Harley Davidson

Can’t wait for the owner to see his rims…

photo 2

New Rails installed in upscale hotel lobby


New rails in hotel lobby

What does it cost to powder coat rims?

We receive calls for this information all day long! Here goes…

The rims in this picture are from a BMW X5 SUV —

Gloss Black with Clear gloss top coat >>>>

$125 each x 4 = $500




Gloss Black with Clear Gloss Top COAT After:  Gloss Black with Clear Gloss Top COAT



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